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diagnl Lens Cap Holder Black


diagnl Lens Cap Holder Black


牌子 Brand: diagnl Camera Equipment Japan


  • M碼鏡頭蓋套 (直徑77mm)
  • 適用於38mm diagnl 忍者帶
  • M 碼鏡頭蓋套, 可綁於相機帶上

Product Description :

  • Lens Cap Holder Size M ( Len Cap diameter 77mm)
  • suitable for using with 38mm diagnl Ninja Camera Strap
  • Size M Lens Cap Holder, can tighten onto the camera strap

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In stock

Brand: diagnl

Item: Lens Cap Holder

Color: Black

Size: M  (Len Cap diameter 77mm)

Weight 150 g


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